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Originally Posted by Alpine435i View Post
Too many whistles both ways, not just on Blake but that was expected given the match-up. The refs want to set an example. Still, overall it was a poorly officiated game.

I don't care what any announcer says, these teams absolutely are rivals. I'm surprised they all kept their cool and no one got a T. We'll see again tonight.
Yes agreed. This is my problem with that game. You get these dumb 50/50 touch fouls where it's not obvious who is the fouler on the offensive/defensive end, yet Blake never got the benefit of the doubt. You take out one team's lead scorer and the game is not even watchable. After Blake got his 5th foul on a ridiculous 50/50 foul, I turned it off and knew it was over. Let's not even talk about CP3 being manhandled and the ball going out of bounds, giving possession to the Warriors.

This is the freaking playoffs, and the refs are deciding the course of the game with their missed calls and soft BS.

That being said, the Clippers did give away this game. The Warriors were practically begging to lose, and Jamal Brick-Ford goes 1/10, 1/11, and Collison mishandles a break away layup TWICE when the two teams are tied. If Collison makes the layups, actually hits his free throws, and CP3 doesn't get mugged, Warriors lose that game even with the bad ref calls. I give credit to the Warriors for hanging in tough, and capitalizing on their good fortune from the refs and mistakes from Collison and Crawford.
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