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I read all the doubt and concern, but the guys at BMW have done a pretty damn good job so far. Some moves like going full line of turbo etc hurt but seems like the right thing to do. Now the whole industry has followed their lead.anyway, some thoughts.....
1. Is the issue that "BMW" is heading to shared architecture? Because vw/Audi/porche has mastered that idea and still puts out great cars.
2. Does BMW diversify to for the hell of it or because the are trying to compete with multiple levels of consumers under one roof... Ie (again) vw/Audi/Porsche. I have seen legit reviews of 1er vs gti, 3er vs a4, and m5 vs panamera. Who else competes on so many customer levels?
3. BMW innovation is applauded when they do something crazy like spend wads on CFRP factories to stay ahead of the industry, I can't help but think the have more up their sleeves. Are they clueless or looking farther ahead then we are?

Anyway I'm worried also, but judging by the 3/4 and 2series etc. I'm still excited and optimistic