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Seems like the guy is a jerk and an ass - but this is what, like the 3rd or 4th video of this happening so far?

Out of something like 320,000,000 people in this country, of which about 200,000,000 are persons of color?

So, yeah, um sure seems like a problem that is out of control to me. Bullshit. This incident was wrong and the guy calling the cops is probably a total douchebag, but to say this is 'common place' and as the article states, is something that 'black people deal with everyday' is complete trash.

I've spoken to several of my friends who are black - and I live in redneck heaven where the black population is something like 3%, yet they still tell me they have never encountered anything like what we see on the news.

So something tells me, that while this incident is obviously wrong, it is no where near as prevalent as the news media tries to make people believe.
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