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Originally Posted by NEfan508 View Post
we try to blend in whenever we travel, no domestic sports shirts, no watches/jewelry and stay away from hotels (airbnb) mostly

sucks to go on holiday in some places being on guard so much

Learned this from my parents visiting Miami Florida every winter as a kid, it was so ghetto late 1980's/early 90's

rental cars back then had markings Hertz/Enterprise etc. they learned tourists were being targeted by stickup crews, changed policy years later

Bahamas, Puerto Rico, LA, Miami, and Cancun all have sketchy areas (every place does) just be aware of your surroundings and enjoy, all will be fine

Way Off Topic: we have a new member in the miller clan, 8 weeks old Danialia, we need another championship in Boston, it's been months since the last...

Poor child has lived her life without seeing a championship parade on Boylston St

Bruins on Wednesday will fix that, that's Sox, pats and B's all within 6 months
Agree everywhere has sketchy places so you should watch out for yourself. But no one expects to be killed in their hotel room.

BTW, FL solved their problem from the 80's, they past conceal carry and stand your ground laws. The violent crime problem went away. My son lives in Tampa in an area which is in transition. He said there is petty crime in the area, if you leave something in your yard or leave your garage open things get stolen, but people will not break into your home since no one know who is packing a gun and if you do break in you could die.