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I was talking to a friend who recently bought his own electric scooter. He bought the Xiaomi one (

At $500 ($400 cheaper), but providing a top speed of 15.5MPH (vs. 12MPH) and a range of 19 miles (vs. 7.5 miles), it seems like BMW is technically far behind. The badge premium is pretty massive here, I guess it makes sense that it's posted on highsnobiety. Also that for these lower-cost products marketed to a young, hip audience, it may be much easier to swallow a huge %-wise cost premium.

These started appearing all over Los Angeles since one of the largest companies deploying these (Bird) is based here.

I joke about this sometimes replacing the M cars, but it is very real in that I have several friends who used to drive semi-enthusiast cars, and now live carless, using cheap Uber rides and now buying (or looking at buying) these scooters. Maybe this is why it's hard to sell sports cars to Gen Z

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