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Originally Posted by ShopVac View Post

Unfortunately, I think the Caps would need to ditch their GM and POS owner first.
I'm starting to agree with this. I mean, they got rid of the GM who may have made one of the worst hockey trades ever (Forsberg for Erat) and replaced him with the other guy that was in the room when they made the worst trade ever (Forsberg for Erat).

The next pressing need they had was a head coach who could take a team on a deep playoff run, so they hired a guy who has never been beyond the second round of the playoffs.

I have no problem with Ovi, heck the Caps first line was pretty good in the playoffs. The problem is that they were the only line that gave the Caps production in the playoffs. The Penguins won because of incredible depth and excellent play from all of their lines, not to mention incredible goal tending from a rookie no less.