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Been to every MLB Stadium:

Best: San Fran, San Diego, Camden
Worst: Oakland, Old Expo's, Fenway **PNC Park is pretty cool but always empty and PBurg has the god damn ugliest people

(before all your Boston knobs get wicked pissed, I am a Boston boy, love the sox, cowboy up and all that shit, but Fenway is a dump, only stadium I know where my knees hurt from hitting the damn seat in front of me - at least we don't have to piss in horse trough anymore. And why the F can't a damn beer guy come to me? I hate having to go wait in line for a beer)

NFL: Gillette, Meadowlands, Redskins, Cowboys, 49'ers, Saints

NHL: Bruins, Caps, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, SJ, Carolina

AHL: Providence, Portland, Manchester, Toronto, Halifax, Worcester, Albany

NCAA: LSU, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas, Virginia, Va Tech, Cal, Stanford, ND, Washington, ASU, GA Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, BC, BU, U(M)ASS

UK: Old Trafford, Twickenham, Wembley, Wembledon, Ibrox,

Stadiums no longer around: RFK, Cap Center, Candlestick, Old Foxboro, Memorial Park (O's), Veterans, Astrodome, Old Boston Garden
Current: 2019 DG M5 , 2019 X7 (Wife), 2018 911 991.2

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