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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
I don't think anyone will argue about compensation for labor... the issue lies in redundancy and excess of employees and the decline in quality of work after a certain point. How many times have you seen a Union job where two guys are breaking their asses working hard, one guy doing the bare minimum and two guys doing the absolute least or nothing with three out of the five hoping for a minor injury to get the coveted disability vacation. On the flip side say a small independent company would send out the right amount and the workers typically do the best they can so they dont get fired or have to redo a wo/ticket for free. Not say there isn't a fair share of lazy schlubs within that group as well but far less when you know you can't get fired and get paid for redoing a poorly or improperly done job.

If only that mentality worked for other industries... Haven't seen any "occupy unions" protests for excessive pay and bonuses.
None of that is my problem and sounds like a management problem. Make better deals and run a better business.