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My first BMW was a beautiful black 2004 325i (e46), it was a basic car with auto trans, pwr windows etc.
I bought it in 2007, and I have to tell you that it meant the world to me.

To many it wasn't special, because it was an entry level BMW and it was already a few years old, however when I bought it, I was just starting out my life and my career, it was very expensive (at that time for me) as I was just a kid and didn't have much money to begin with lol.
I remember paying for it in cash, and I cannot begin to explain the feeling that I felt as I was walking up to it, after receiving the paperwork, it was surreal. The sun hit the car in such a way that made it look like a dream. A dream I was walking toward with the keys in my hand. A dream that just 14 years prior, when I was not even a teenager, had seen a black 325i, and drooled over it and promised myself that I would buy it one day. My dream had come true. I started the engine and drove off.
I drove the car for a few years and because of an overseas move, I had to sell that and my Ducati.
But I tell you my friends, although I may drive better cars now, anytime I see an e46 on the road that just so happens to be black, and just so happens to be a 325, no matter what my mood, a smile seems to find itself on my face.

I found a few pics:

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