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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
Lol, yeah. It's pretty white out my window as we speak.

I might be headed to Cali in April during my return trip from BC. We'll see how it all plays out. I want to go all the way down highway 101 all the way to San Diego then start tracking east, but to detour to Yosemite would be great, then get back on the highway.
Do you enjoy adhering to the posted speed limits?
101 although a nice drive makes for
A: very,very long trip
B: lots of police
C: a really long trip

I only did it one time and only because the freeway fell down when I was at Disneyland and had to drive the coast. I drove back inland ASAP to highway 5.
SF to San Diego is ~500 miles 10hr by 101 or 7 inland.

Cross the border in Bellingham rather than the main one and make sure you are not traveling alone.
Portland seems to be a fairly nice stop, the Oregon coast is supposed to be pretty to photograph.
Head down highway 5 till you cross over to Napa and then go down the coast on 101 till Paso Robles back to 5.
When going through LA don't do it during any commute hour or you will commit suicide. There has to be a million people on the roads and probably more.

That drive from SF to down South has taken anywhere from 6 to 8+ hours on 5 depending on commute hours. The drive from Vancouver to SF takes 16-18 on highway 5 which is just under 1000 miles. I would imagine another 5+ hours if you want to do it on 101.
My $0.02 ( where we still use pennies)
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