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Originally Posted by charlieb View Post
Maybe try sorting out the immigration laws.

Currently - It's legal to come to our border and claim asylum.
Currently - It's a misdemeanor to cross illegally. Same as trespassing in a national forest or cutting down a tree on govt land.

If someone walks 1000 miles I'd have to guess they are facing some pretty ugly shit where they came from.

If people didn't think there will be major upcoming immigration reform in the USA there wouldn't be nearly as many attempting to come here.

Isolationism is the not the way to develop our country and the world. We are only working against ourselves. That sort of mindset is from the dark ages and only stifles our ability to grow.

We are being left behind by countries who over the last 20 years have quadrupled their GDP. Something like that does not happen by isolating themselves from the rest of the world.

1. I'm not returning to this thread. I hate seeing all the anger and blame laid on both sides. It's disgusting and frankly sad that our president creates so much divide and hate within our country and then expects his base to irrationally defend him since 90% of it is based on lies.

2. Good luck to our nation. I hope everyone wins since this seems to be more of a competition, no matter the outcome, rather than whats good for our country as a whole.
1. Why not return? The only real way to beat the haters is to argue your case with intelligence, facts, and civility.

2. Good luck indeed. Right now it seems the national interest is not being put forward by either party.
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