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I have become convinced over the years that great western political and economic thinkers like Hayek, Friedman, Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, Madison, etc. had it fundamentally right: in the main, people pursue their own self interests, and the best system of governance is one that atomizes power as much as possible and limits the roll of government as much as possible to certain core functions: national defense; establishment and evenhanded enforcement of law; and a judiciary to resolve disputes. The goal should be to maximize individual liberty and capitalist free markets, while keeping government as small as possible. This will not result in utopia, because utopia is impossible to attain, and efforts to do so always result in tyranny. But history has shown time and again that individual liberty, small government, and free markets is the best way to improve the standard of living for all citizens.

Although I have given political philosophy a lot of thought, and am pretty firm in my convictions, I think Friedman was right that you need to be humble and truly realize that any one of your firmly held beliefs could be wrong. You need to be open to persuasion. Otherwise you are a mere ideologue and will cease to learn or think critically.

I let these core beliefs guide my voting, and always find myself choosing what I would characterize as the lesser of evils.

Iím curious as to whether I am considered one of the five trolls referenced above just because my beliefs tend toward the conservative/classically liberal. I think my posts are generally respectful when it comes to politics, but itís hard to know how you are perceived by others.
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