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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
It seems we've been here before. Mr. Vettel gets a new team mate who seems faster and applies pressure to the 4x WDC and poof...he goes away to another team. That was in 2015 when he went to The Scuderia and after 5 seasons under his leadership, they are even farther away from the WDC let alone a WCC.

The rumor mill after Monaco is abuzz that Mr. Vettel may retire from Formula One altogether.

I went on record earlier that he was done-for after the arrival of Mr. Leclerc at The Scuderia. I still believe so now.

Nope, he switches with Gasly and goes back to Red Bull. Ferrari gets best friends as drivers and Vettel just wants to piss off MV for a year or two for last year.

If anything I don't think it is Leclerc chasing him away as much as it is the Ferrari Team management the last couple of years and there weird mistakes race decisions/strategy if you can call it that.