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  1. Mirror cap replacement
  2. Anyone know where I can get a TIS for the M3?
  3. Does anybody know how to remove the 'speaker grille' in the dash?
  4. 3M Vinyl Carbon Fiber Roof Overlay Pictures PLEASE!!!
  5. Nothing is too simple to screw up!
  6. Spark Plug Change
  7. DIY: Spark Plug Change - 2008 E92 M3
  8. DIY : WeissLicht PY24W LED Turn Signal Bulb
  9. Have an idea I've seen on other forums for DIY jobs
  10. Costs for DIY Brake Job?
  11. help: gauge cluster removal
  12. DIY help for vinyl wrap?
  13. e90 m3 side grille decals
  14. Top of Dash removal
  15. Eclipsis
  16. Front Mesh Grill Removal
  17. Shop Manual
  18. Help! M3 style front lip from **********s/JL-Motoring
  19. Someone help me take off my oem exhaust?!
  20. V1 Hardwire Help Needed
  21. How to remove center console on DCT M3?
  22. Stealth Button for Laser Interceptors
  23. E90 black chrome grills and gills DIY
  24. Remove Smart Phone Integration?
  25. Need to buy new rotors
  26. Front Undershield - Heads Up
  27. Screw size of Security Star bolts on M3?
  28. Help needed to remove steering wheel trim
  29. Need help removing seat trim
  30. need help with grills
  31. DIY: 6MT clutch stop mod
  32. Question about adhesive...when it comes to attaching spoiler
  33. Hats off
  34. Anyone installed a MS airfilter on a 2011 M3?
  35. Painted reflector install FAIL
  36. Need to get under armrest compartment
  37. E93 rear ashtray removal
  38. DIY: Under-tray skid plates
  39. e92 How to Remove the REAR DECK below the window?
  40. DIY Tools Recommendation
  41. 19" Volk TE37 SL = No Center Caps
  42. Dimming sideviews
  43. DIY: Let's pull the front alignment pins
  44. Interior trim?
  45. Any DIY for rear bumper removal?
  46. How to get the Manual Gear Knob off????
  47. DIY Fender Grills/Gills
  48. How Do i remove chrome tips on oem exhaust??
  49. DIY: Replace Front Kidney Grills on E92
  50. DIY: Enable Rear Fog lights (Free Mod) on E92 M3
  51. DIY: Replace Side Gills (easy method) on E92 M3
  52. Drill holes on Arkym frnt lip: need advice
  53. Need DIY Exhaust Tips
  54. Need help Installing Hamann Diffuser.
  55. DIY: Installing a Sosi X-Pipe
  56. DIY splitter install??? Need a tip
  57. How to remove the muffler?
  58. Removing Tail Lights on E92?
  59. Removing the iDrive Knob(2008) M3
  60. DIY: BMW Performance CF Spoiler Installation Using 3M Tape (Very Detailed)
  61. How to remove tank cap
  62. how to remove AC vent?
  63. DIY: Ground Control Coilover Conversion Kit Install
  64. No luck with search..Help/Advise
  65. ▀▄ eas | DIY: Angel iBright V4.0 for e92 3-Series & M3 [INSTALL OVERVIEW]
  66. Help:How to remove Steering wheel Air Bag
  67. How to install aftermarket wheel roundels
  68. SIRIUS Satellite Radio
  69. Retrofit Taillights
  70. Re-paint APracing Calipers and disc hats - suggestions?
  71. Extended Warranty for E92 N54
  72. Changing kidney grill
  73. Powder coating or caliper paint on Disc brake hats?
  74. DIY: Front PDC RetroFit
  75. APracing rear hats repainting. Suggestions?
  76. DIY: Passport radar detector hardwire (using Add-A-Circuit & Safe-N-Sound wire)
  77. Help w/ Lux install and lost screwdriver in bay
  78. Alarm indicator lamp under inside rear view mirror
  79. Front Bumper Install?
  80. DIY: fill license plate bumper holes
  81. BMW Performance Parts Install, Observations
  82. Changing/flushing power steering fluid
  83. Blower motor resistor location please!
  84. PT-CAN BUS wiring. Help please!
  85. Sunroof removal question
  86. Any DIYs for the dinan rear racing toe link?
  87. Sticky : DIY : Create a thread that wont die.
  88. HELP! Coin dropped behind ashtray, how to take apart?
  89. Sprint Booster
  90. How to remove airbag for steering wheel install
  91. Crank Pulley / Idler Pulley Torque Specs
  92. Non-electrnoic Performance Steering Wheel for 6MT with plat bottom
  93. Has anyone done an Escort Passport 9500ci?
  94. Help!!!!! 2009 E92 M3
  95. Replacing side mirror housing?
  96. DIY - Subwoofer connection
  97. 2009 Homelink Mirror Retrofit - Cable required?
  98. How do you guys remove the tape??
  99. Hello
  100. Oil Change with Mityvac
  101. Jack and stands questions
  102. Angels Eyes
  103. Angel Eyes
  104. Angel Eyes
  105. Please Delete Thread
  106. Interior LED dome/map lights error, Please help
  107. Self-tapping Screws
  108. DIY: Race Ramps
  109. Is it really hard to tint the windows myself?
  110. DIY: Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosure
  111. retrofit cup holder and headlight switch 08?
  112. E92 Dashboard replacement
  113. Sunglasses Tray - 2011
  114. Needed: DIY headlights Removal
  115. New IDrive Controller Retrofit
  116. Shark fin replacement DIY?
  117. Did anyone DIY the Vorsteiner CF hood??
  118. H8 high beam/angle eye
  119. Go pro help
  120. LF DIY front pipes/X pipe removal?
  121. DIY: Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Installation on M3
  122. Dinan Exhaust Install Question
  123. DIY: A/C Cleaning
  124. How to install BMW TPMS
  125. how do you change stems
  126. Cruise control on competition package 2005 M3
  127. DIY: Schroth Ralleye4 Harness install
  128. Illuminated ZHP knob for $99!
  129. Brake bleeding DIY?
  130. KW V3 accessibility to the adjustments in the trunk
  131. does anyone have the helm's manual for the e92 m3
  132. Perf steering wheel install help
  133. Any DIYs for Fender Removal?
  134. Socket for x-pipe from header removal?
  135. Performance steering wheel parts
  136. Front Passenger Ac Vent?
  137. Airbag Light
  138. Intake manifold cover removal
  139. Jacking E92 M3
  140. how to install the Verstraβe Extended Aluminum DCT Shifter Paddles for the E9X M3
  141. DIY Radiator Flush
  142. Install SS brake lines
  143. How to remove E90 window pillar trim pieces?
  144. DIY a/c condensor
  145. Center console removal
  146. Rear view mirror install problems...
  147. DIY: Differential Fluid Change
  148. X pipe install on ramps possible?
  149. Need help: ballast replacement
  150. led interior lights question
  151. DIY: 6MT Transmission Oil Change
  152. DIY: Making the "Real Sound Design System"
  153. S54 MAF Code - Advice please??
  154. Customized Carbon Fiber Center Console
  155. How to remove underhood shield
  156. ▀▄ eas | DIY: Angel iBright V4.5 for e92 3-Series & M3 [INSTALL OVERVIEW]
  157. DIY request: ESS VT1 Supercharger
  158. S65 Oil Capacity
  159. A few brake pad replacement + Wear sensor delete tips and thoughts
  160. DIY: S65 Throttle Actuator
  161. rear headrest removal
  162. Where do you mount your GoPro?
  163. DIY: Umnitza Orion V4 or V2 Angel Eyes
  164. aux in module easy fix
  165. Using Bavarian Technic to reset condition based service
  166. DIY: Changing M-DCT Fluid
  167. Headlight LHD RHD conversion
  168. DIY: E93 Valentine 1 Hardwire
  169. DCT exchange
  170. DIY request for G-Power SKII+ Supercharger Install
  171. F10 M5 shift knob installed
  172. Question Re Installing MirrorTap Cord in Rear View Mirror for 09 M3
  173. Delete Thread
  174. DIY ESS VT2-625 Kit
  175. wanted DIY OEM rotor removal
  176. DIY: CCC to CIC installation Guide
  177. DIY: Pre-LCI Tail Light Mod
  178. Arm rest USB port removal?
  179. Front wheel bearing bolt torque
  180. Painting OEM Reflectors
  181. e46 m3 full conversion
  182. windshield washer fluid leak
  183. how to reset the light after an oil change and other services?
  184. DIY: Voltphreaks Lithium Battery installation into M3 E92
  185. 2008 BMW M3 Front Undertray
  186. DIY Exhaust Mod Request
  187. DIY: How to propertly store you car
  188. AIM SOLO DL install / PNP wiring DIY
  189. DYI CF front splitters
  190. DIY Spark Plug Change W/PHOTOS
  191. Bay Area M3 Coding
  192. Any pointers on trimming a shift boot and splicing wires?
  193. DIY M-Tril Color for the Grill
  194. Pedal Install
  195. DIY: Oil Change - Video Tutorial
  196. M performance exhaust placement DIY
  197. DIY: Shark Fin Removal and Replacement
  198. DIY: Make an office chair out of M3 Seat
  199. Remote Radar/Laser shifter install
  200. Best way to install cf rear diffuser m3 e92
  201. DIY Tri-Stitch Shift Boot
  202. Power Steering Cooler Removal
  203. BMW Performance Steering Wheel Install
  204. Seat Belt Handover Part #
  205. DIY Front License Plate Mount
  206. E9X M3 front seat adjustment post removal
  207. Got 10W60?
  208. What are all the possible Torx sizes for the M3?
  209. Vorshlag Install
  210. Changing rear 02 sensor, bank 1...pass side.
  211. Complication in Brembo BBK Rear Caliper Pad Change
  212. M3 Exhaust Mod - Video
  213. Vital info for e93 owners (manually closing top!)
  214. DIY: Exhaust pics for the cheap
  215. DIY: Idle Control Device / Valve and Tubing
  216. Easy, clean install V1 on E92...
  217. Ignition Coil Replacement
  218. E93 Key Fob & Homelink DIY
  219. Hood installation/removal
  220. Factory Service Manual
  221. DIY: OEM Exhaust Mod (my experience)
  222. Engine Decarbonization
  223. DIY Request: Felt liner
  224. ///M Door Projector Courtesy Light (Plug and Play) - Info and DIY
  225. Cover for Brake Fluid Reservoir
  226. 2 post lift - safe lift points
  227. Peeling back drivers side carpet
  228. DIY: Let's Replace the Cabin Filters
  229. Backrest Width Adjustment Retrofit
  230. Bmw specific o2 sensor tool?
  231. Stripped 2 screws in airbox
  232. E90 side marker swap?
  233. Anyone know how to replace the under the engine splash guard?
  234. HID AE
  235. ISTA/D and ICOM emulator
  236. DIY: In mirror display install
  237. DIY diff bolt replacement?
  238. A little help
  239. DIY: Low Fuel Pressure Sensor Replacement
  240. DIY: Steering Angle Sensor fix cross-post from E90post
  241. DIY spark plug change with ess kit?
  242. Cleaning/Replacing Solenoid Valves
  243. Driver Side Door Seal
  244. DIY: Evolve Automotive X-Pipe
  245. DIY: Easily adjust rear coilovers
  246. CiC retrofit - repinning fail
  247. DIY rear seat removal
  248. Brake Fluid Reservoir Question
  249. replace hardware when doing springs?
  250. TxStig still around, need spark plug tool