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      01-15-2014, 04:08 AM   #1

Drives: m5
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: norway

iTrader: (0) Levent Yalazli Scam Company Vol2 Stay Away

Hello again.
long story short
i ordered 1x e39 m5 strassentech style carbon lip
i never got it he always got some excuses why the item havent been delivered or smth
my old threats got deleted by admins cause i asked them . Levent told me to delete all old threats and apologize to him for me being ....... and a bad customer even this didnt feeled right i did it. he promised to refund my 544 usd and give me free spoiler i never got neither of them and after the old threats about hes scam company got deleted he ignored me. i contacted admins to reopen old threats.
in mean while i did fake email and pretended to be a new customer and he replied immediatly to the fake email but ignored me!

here i will copy some of hes old emails to my original mail where i was a customer

Good morning Jyri
Believe me or not but yesterday after the discussion on the forum, and all the comments etc. etc.
You hurt me really bad. And the comment of me where i wrote about vorsteiner or fiberwerkz, this issue was not to you this was to another member. You are just angry because i could not response to your email. And the reason is just because i was in the hospital.
Your problems solution is only to pay back. Forget what the other members did wrote. Paid as Gift or item. The different is just the percent of paypal fee.
By my comment on forum was not directly to you. All the other members did wrote and this comment was for all. Because a thread on a website is not a problem for now, i am very upset. And your thread and comment will be published permanently for now and for the future. Yeşim (my wife), was just responsible for other people and not for you. İ told her about the situation and i told her, “this is none of your business, i will solve the problem myself”. Thats all. And yesterday we have fighted just because your email. This are not nice situations.
This problem about your item and shipping is a very rare issiue. And not easy to solve. Sometimes is happen and this time are you the guy with a bad luck.
But forget everything, it has a solution but what you did can not be solve. What can you do now? Delete the thread by all the websites? How many members read review and how many will be read it in the future?
About the comment of me. İt was not just for you. İf you can find the point, then you can understand me. But i see you did not find the point still.
Forget now the problem. i will tell you something about my business and the carbon fiber business. just for example. Yesterday has come a customer here in Turkey/İstanbul. His car is E90 lci M Technic. He get some items from China. M Performance trunk spoiler and front bumper splitter. He comes to me because he has broken both items. The trunk spoiler an done of the front splitter. He asked me “can you fix this items?”. He knows me from some forum websites about carbon fiber. My answer was, of course its possible but it takes 1 week and the price is 800 turkish lira. Calculated its 450usd. he said “wouw its expensive. i get both items for 400usd shipped and brand new.” İ said “ok no problem than you have to purchase for a new item from china. My price is this. İf you dont like it you have to get a new one. He paid before for a custom workmanship of a steering Wheel over 1400 turkish lira. I know who has made this. Its a friend of me. He has a link on and he lives in turkey İstanbul and not in the usa.
Can you believe this. Take a look to the link. You give your steering Wheel. He wrapp it with carbon fiber and wrap the rest with leather. My price for this same workmanship is just 900 turkish lira. And if you look careful you will see, the direction of the lines of carbon fiber are not in 45 degrees and this looks not good.
Another example but **** i dont have pictures at the moment to proof it for you. But i made since the last 2 years some items for bmw’s who are published in SEMA Show in Las Vegas 2011 and 2012. And also you can research me on google or in youtube with my name Levent Yalazli or Yalazlı.
You will see, i am a ex-professional test driver and my own program was published in different tv channels. My famous is not so cheap just for 500usd. and my famous is enough for my business. believe me I am not angry at the moment by typing this sentences. Many people wanted and still wants to blacken me but my business is still alive and will be alive in the future.
I can give you so many examples about me and my business and all about carbon fiber and composit business. but some tricks should be stay secret J
For a customer from the island Martinique (I've never heard in my life) the shipping times has take more than 3 months). But the funny point was, the customer has never send me a email about “where is my item”. Ok his location is really to far and shipping is dificult. But your location and other countries with the same distance has never take so long before. I hope your item is not lost. Believe me if i had a tracking number why i would not send it to you? The postman who is working in PTT of airport İstanbul/Yeşilköy and responsible for international shipping for big items
Told me, “items like this takes longer as normal but its the best way”. I was forced to believe and accept. Thats all what i have done.
And if you can remember. By the first shipping, i paid a good Money for “bring it back to home”. I did not request this Money from you. Also, to cut some inside of spoiler for a lighter weight and wrapping again andf to bring it to the airport (its 55km far from my place) and waited more than 2 hours to let it ship, normally i never do this. Just my customer is satisfied. Just he after receive it to get a positive feedback in bmw forum websites. But what can i say, its a bad luck.
I remember now by writing this email. For 2 customers, one of this has open a thread in a bmw forum website. This is the link
Take a contact to him. But please. Dont forget. And ask him what a person i am. And how my workmanship is. And please ask him about the first spoiler from me, witch get a crack by shipping and how i reacted. Please please please. His email adress is name of customer is Butra. Ask him. And i am sure you will regret the what you have did with open the threads by the forum.
Now i will ask you, for you i can find a solution but what is a solution by you? Can you delete the thread? Of course not. Can you release what the other members has read? Of course not.
Replace and think again. I’ve read your missing call yesterday but it was to late. Most time the simcard of this number is insert by my wifes iPad. Thats why i am not enable to talk with you.
I would like you to accept my apology. But what want from you is, a apology on the forum. You and the other members was very hard by the comments.
I know, most people dont like the turkish people. And thats why i am sure the reaction of the members.
I will never say i am the best but trust me i am one of the bests J
And before i forget, if we suppose the item is lost or missing i will send you a new one and will ship it expedited. İ will pay fort his and will stay behind of my workmanship of my business and my brand.
And after then, if you are not satisfied, you will get your Money back. And after then you have to write a thread about me and what i have did. İ give my word.
And by the way, abouy your friends here in turkey. Please please please tell to your friendsi he should be visit my place and meet me. And after then you have to take contact again with your friends. And ask him, what a person i am.
I am sure they will tell you more than you expect. You will wondering.
Now i have to go to my business.
Today i have to wrap a Ferrari 360 modena roof in carbon fiber and all trim inside of the car. Also to wrap the panel witch the backlights are mounted. Also the muffler and air intake box.
You see i am very busy J
Best regards


so he always has right and im wrong. what a customer service
i made fake email and pretended to be a new customer asked about is hes company is legit and showed him the old threats about hes scam company and he answered.

to me

Hi Ivar
İt sounds like you will try to help to this customer or you are a friend of him. He will never get his Money back. Reason; he has open a thread what was very very wrong. I told him many times, he should delete this thread and he will get the Money back. But he never response about this threads. Thats why i will neve change my decision.
You can pay via Paypal and if you dont receive the ordered items you will get your Money back. I can not do mor efor you.
Thanks again and best regards

Paypal email adress is
ivar lohe

to BMW

Hello Levent i know this customer cause he is customer of mine i will tell him to delete this threads and he will apologize to you can you promise to refund money to him . After that i will buy these parts from you i have a lot of customers who would like to have these parts you
manufacture. I own body shop paint damage repairs etc. Regards Ivar'
Dear Ivar
everything can be resolve,but after a thread like this,nothing can delete a persons mind,who has read this comments.i am not gonna be rich with brand is not so cheap.if you replace yourself with me,you will understand me better.i sold over 68 pieces of this front spoiler till today.sometimes 10 days or 45 days till delivery.but never a reaction like Jyri.never read a email,where is my pissed me off,he tried with methodes to take contact with me.i am not stupid.its not a point of 524usd.its a point of understanding.normally i dont send this spoiler with a wood frame.if you know istanbul,this city is on 2 continents.i am at the anatolian side.the receiver center was at the european side.i picked up this spoiler and drive over 50km to bring the item to the airport.cause items with big dimensions are not accepted by the post office.i paid more then 80usd to accept it.i did so much good things for him.ok it was bad luck,i am sorry.but i dont deserve a result like this.i will send you 2 customers contact or Jyri can ask,what i have did,when the items was damagged by shipping.its not my responsibility if its damagged.but i've wrote to both customers,dont let it shipp back,i will send you a new one.this is just an example.sorry but believe me,i just earn 60usd by selling of 1 spoiler.its very low.i pay more then 150usd for shipping.130usd for paint job.the rest is for spoilers material and workmanship.and i sell this item just because i will proof,i can made it better then the chinese.i am always the cheapest with quality and workmanship.anyway,back to us.Jyri has no chance anymore.he is not a child.i never send a email with bad words.2 months ago he send a text message with very bad word and comment.what should i do?dont care what he has did?no,sorry i cant.i am 40 years old and dont deserve comments like Jyri's.what will be change after he's apologize or delete of thread?so many people has read the comments.
Hey Ivar
Please stop with emails like this. You are not the person who can judge me and this is not your business.
First of all, check please who i am, ok? Write my name on Google and see with who you are talking.
It was a fault of Jyri and untill he close the threads or he apologize for his wrong reaction, i dont will do anything.
You have no right to threaten me.some customers who has got his items (after he has ordered of the threads of Jyri) has asked me about the comments. And noone has care about this comments and has ordered. That means, customers or people who knows me they dont care comments like Jyri.
Now back to you. You are not a customer. You have not ordered a item. Thats why dont try to fix this issiue about me and a customer.
I told you, Jyri have to delete all open threads. And have to send me a apologize.
You can do what you want. And i say again. I am not gonna be rich with 524USD. Maybe other people from Chinese but not me.
And be sure, if you come to Istanbul and meet me, you can be sure, your ideas about me will change.
If you or Jyri have friends here in Istanbul, dont hesitate and call your friends for a meeting with me. After then i will see what your friends comment is.
Sorry Ivar but what you do is wrong. If you will find a middle point, then you have to change your comments or sentences.
If you or Jyri are using facebook, pleae add me. Levent yalazlı
See pictures, comments and all the dates about the jobs what i’ve did or will do still. If you say you have nothing to loose more, do it, go on. I have nothing to loose too. Jyri has tried to discredit me. But this was wrong.
Stop to write sentences like threatening words. If you will find a good final, tell your friend Jyri, he have to delete all threads abot me or my brand. After then we will looking forward. I did not curse ever to a manufacturer or to a customer. Ask Jyri what he has wrote to me by his last text message to me.
What do you expect? To answer him, or to say, ooo i am very sorry Jyri please stop i will do anything for you just please stop. No sorry, of course not.
And sorry about my bad english, i am from Switzerland and english is my 3. Language i can speak. Why you never replace yourself with me? Why you always judge me? If i have time today i will send you pictures of this front spoiler lip and you will see how many orders i have for the next week. My motto is always, a happy start and a happy end with a customer. I paid twice for shipping, do you know this? I tried everything untill my customer will receive his ordered item. But this is not what i deserve.
I have 1 E39 530iA 2001 and 2 E39 M5 2002. How do you think i earn Money? With stolen Money (like you have wrote)? Do you know how much is the price of one E39 M5 here in Turkey? Its 2 time more expensive as in the other countries. In our religion we call it as “helal para” translated it is its lawful Money. And this is not stolen Money. I have a baby, her name is Dora. She was born as premature after 6,5 months and just weight 830gr. No medicine or medication was a solution. Just pray to God. This was the onlyone thing what we have did. Pray, pray and pray. After 68 days our baby was in our hands. And thats why i never will earn Money with business with stolen Money. Ok i am not a extreme religious people i am not gonna pray 5 times at a day but i know what is “helal para”. I never bring Money at home witch is forbidden by religion, we call it as “haram”. Please if you have frineds who are moslems, tell him what i mean. He will explain, what i will tell you.
I hope you understand me now.
If you say you have nothing to loose, try to tell Jyri what he have to do. Who knows maybe he will will get his Money back. Maybe i will do a surprise what he never expect anymore.
We have in turkish a old proverb. Flip a step closer to me and i will flip twoo steps closer to you. Next time if you try to send me a email please think first what kinf od Word or senteces you will using.
Thanks for understanding
Kind regards


i copied only some mails so you get the picture here is the last mail what made me decide to delete the threats

Levent Yalazlı"

to me

yes i have response to the email of Jyri.i will pay the refund and send him the front spoiler for free.i dont want to fight or discus anymore longer.thank you! Regards


so i got ripped of so guys do your self a favor and stay away from BMWTUNINGPARTS.COM LEVENT YALAZLI
after that scenario i never send money as gift through paypal so they can save 3% fee WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: Levent Yalazli
Registrant Organization: Levent Yalazli
Registrant Street: Icerenkoy Mah. Akca Sok. No.32 D.18 Cetin Ceylan Sitesi B Blok
Registrant City: Istanbul (Anadolu)
Registrant State/Province: NONE
Registrant Postal Code: 34752
Registrant Country: TR
Registrant Phone: +90.5322872676
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext.:
Registrant Email:

Thank you
Appreciate 0
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