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:: ECS Tuning :: Inspection II|It's Service Time

To keep your driving machine in top shape, regular maintenance is imperative. BMW recommends the Inspection II at 40,000 miles & at each 40,000 miles thereafter. Doing all of the necessary inspections will keep your vehicle running much longer and cleaner. However, if you're out of warranty, the out of pocket expense from the dealership can be a little hard to handle. Luckily, ECS Tuning is here to help. After consulting with all of BMWs available information, the engineers at ECS Tuning have assembled a comprehensive kit to address all of the issues covered during Inspection II.

E39 528i
Click HERE for your Complete E39 528i Inspection II Kit
•genuine BMW 5w-30 Engine Oil•
•Pentosin Brake Fluid•
•Bosch Spark Plugs•
•Febi Oil Drain Plug•
•Mann Oil Filter Kit•
•Xengst Fuel Filter•
•Mann cabin Filter•
•Mann Air filter•

Click HERE for your DRY E39 528i Inspection II Kit
•Bosch Spark Plugs•
•Febi Oil Drain Plug•
•Xengst Fuel Filter•
•Mann Oil Filter Kit•
•Mann Cabin Filter•
•Mann Air Filter•