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Originally Posted by qwertymo9 View Post
I just bought a 98 528i with over 200k miles on it and think ive been screwed!! I know that's a lot of miles and im not new to BMW so I know what I was in for but the next day the check engine light came on and these are the codes im getting any help would be much appreciated. Also the car runs sluggish and "slams" into 3rd and sometimes down into 2nd.

0173 FUEL BANK 2
0170 FUEL BANK 1
P0101 (MAF)

I replaced the MAF with one from amazon that was made in china im thinking maybe its still no good?
Ok after further inspection and reading for hours it feels like..i have found a cracked hose behind the oil dip stick cant see where it goes. very small tubing maybe 1/4 to 1/2 in maybe if that. any help please??
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