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Angry How to remove trunk subwoofer trim panel?

Hello All,

As a part of rear suspension replacement, got stuck on getting the rear shelf. Two complications - the car has an electric sunshade, and premium sound package.

Right now, can't find a way to remove the subwoofer trim panel - part #51478211952 on this diagram:

Three screws at the rear and two clips in the middle are a no-brainer, but two hooks at the front are a problem. Hooks are made of plastic and are installed into the frame, and they go into rectangular holes in the trim panel (right against number 5 on the diagram). Can't really see nor feel which way they're angled (space is pretty tight), and can't locate this part on realoem, either - it's in some obscure place.

This is how the hook looks like from inside the frame (was able to get the phone into the opening and point it [somewhat] the right way:

Google is of no help, unfortunately - a lot of people are installing subwoofers, but nobody seems to be removing them

So, which way do I pull what to take the trim panel out without breaking anything?